Nuru massage

Nuru massage is ancient technology of Japan based on use of creams and gels. The method is one of the most popular our salon yesterday. Prague skillfully combines checked teachings of ancient East and the modern possibilities of our time. This allows achieve magical effects on your body.

You try nuru and understand difference between traditional massage. The option enhances all sensations several times. Experience beautiful girls and boys, as well as special means will make you plunge into a world of pleasure. Your skin will become soft and smooth as a baby. You will know what real happy ending.

Touch massage therapists with your body will create a specific feeling. You can experience orgasm without sexual contact directly. Soothing melody, aromatic candles and other interior accessories will take you from everyday problems.

We use only quality nuru gel. Constituent does not contain harmful substances and does not have a sharp smell. The employees apply only pleasant to touch creams.


When you go to the salon the polite employeers will meet you with a smile, will carry to the parlour and will introduce massage therapist. Procedure designed for a maximum effect, because you will must undress. The masseuse will naked too.

Our specialists learned from the best teachers. Each worker know how influence on body to your satisfaction.

Every time the therapist will touch you, your consciousness will seethe and each point of the body will enjoy the manipulations. You will know what is divine rest.

The therapist will imbue you not only sexual energy, but positive mood. You will find in yourself a power for job, will establish relationship with a partner and will become more relaxed.

In order to, you will improve health. The main advantage of nuru massage Prague is restoration of sexual function. Many couples have saved their love with our services. Massaging helps blood pumping, thus positive on circulatory system. Your muscles relax, as a result, you are ready for new successes. This technology allows relax not only physically but also mentally. Your nervous system will have regenerated after the few treatments.

To will enjoy with health benefits, you will must call our telephone number or will fill the online application form on website. The manager will be contacting with you after 2 minutes to clarify all nuances of the order.